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Stomach flab is one of the hardest types to shift and one of the most unflattering - a bit of a belly can make you look far bigger than you really are. If your post-pregnancy belly or stubborn flab is getting you down, you can opt for surgery.

Liposuction is used to get rid of stomach flab, all in a day. It can be done either under general or local anaesthetic, during in which you're conscious but you don't feel a thing (not even pricks). You'll have bruising for 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Within 15 days the results will be noticeable, but you'll only see the full effect three months after the operation after the swelling has gone down fully.

Women who want to get rid of stubborn stomach fat
The result: A flatter tum in 3 months.
The cost: Prices start at around £1500.


Sarah Horrocks
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