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If your mammaries are heading south as you get older, you can perk them up with a breast lift. You're in and out within 24 hours. As a general rule, the procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic, but you can leave the same evening and go back to work the next day.

Dr Sarfati explains: "Having a breast lift is a bit like making a dress that's too big fit. Excess skin is removed to make you fit. The stitches used are dissolvable, so they don't have to be removed afterwards. The downside is you do get scars. Depending on how much skin is removed, you can get scarring around the areola and at the crease of the breast and vertical scars between the areola and crease. They do fade with time, but the healing time varies drastically. You need to allow a year and a half."

Women with heavy, saggy breasts.
The result: Permanent lift.
The cost: Between £3,250 and £4,400


Sarah Horrocks
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