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If your neck is betraying your youthful looks, you can get help from a cosmetic surgeon to get rid of double-chins and give yourself a more streamlined profile.

Liposuction to the top of the neck is recommended if:
a) you have a double-chin and excess fat
b) your neck has started to sag

Liposuction, or lipoaspiration, to the neck doesn't require stitches. A tiny hole 2mm wide is made and the fat sucked out through a tiny tube. If the procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, you can leave half an hour afterwards. With a general anasthetic you have to stay at the clinic for half a day. You need to wear a dressing until the next morning. There can be some bruising which is easily hidden with a scarf! Whether it's carried out under local or general anaesthetic, the procedure stays the same (it's only the amount of fat removed that varies).

a) For: Anyone who has areas of fat under the neck that that won't shift. It can have nothing to do with your weight or age - some women have it done at 20.
The result: permanent.

b) For: Women of 40 and over whose skin is starting to sag around the neck.
The result: Years off your neck!

The cost: Prices start at around £1500 under local anaesthetic.


Sarah Horrocks
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