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If everything's going south and the signs of aging are starting to show on your face and body, a little help from a cosmetic surgeon could be an option to help you get your youthful looks and self-confidence back.

We take a look at going under the knife in less than 24 hours. All of the procedures below can be carried out in record time: you can be in and out of the clinic within a day and back at work the morning after, so no long absences to explain or lengthy time off work to take. They're also far less invasive and drastic than classic cosmetic surgery techniques.  

All in a day's work: 

thighs and knees.

Ever thought about trying Lipostructure or chemical peels? Like the rest of the procedures we're taking a look at, they come in different forms and there are gentle ways of giving you an instant youthful boost. 

We talked to expert plastic surgeon Dr Isabel Sarfati, who is experienced in reconstructive cosmetic surgery, about the latest procedures available.  

For more on anti-aging procedures and treatments see our article on Botox, vitamins and anti-aging.



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