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What is lip enhancement?


Lip enhancement injections © Digital Vision - Facial Procedures
Lip enhancement injections © Digital Vision
Lip enhancement
aka: lip job, lip enlargement, trout pout

What is it?
Injection of the lip area with a filler, such as hyaluronic acid, to plump out the lips, and re-define shape including re-asserting cupids bows.

What to expect?
A 30 minute procedure using local anaesthetic, this is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures. Your lips will be swollen for around 24 hours but after that you’ll be free to pucker up.

From £300 for both lips

Risks and side effects
Depending on which filler is used there are a few minor risks associated with lip enhancement. Collagen can cause allergic reactions - the risk can be minimized by having skin tests beforehand.

Fat-based fillers have a slightly higher risk of infection. Infrequent side effects of Restylane include redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness and moderate pain - all of which typically disappear within a few days.

Expert Opinion:
Dr Ayoubi, Medical Director of The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

"You have to work within certain contours and I always deliver natural looking results. I do get women coming into my Harley Street Clinic asking for much fuller lips but I won't accommodate this if it will look ridiculous. A subtle difference is much better especially for a patient's first treatment."

"Remember that lips will be swollen for 24 hours after treatment so bear this in mind in case you have any events planned. Also if you have recently had an ulcer or cold sore it is best to wait until they have fully healed before having the treatment."

Ask your surgeon: What filler are you using? Dr Ayoubi recommends hyaluronic acid for the most natural-looking results


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