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Cosmetic beauty: face treatments


 - Cosmetic beauty:  face treatments
With new treatments and procedures launching every week, it’s no surprise that cosmetic surgery is a growing trend. Despite a sagging economy we’re still finding ways to remain uplifted - the number of procedures chalked up last year was more than 36,400 in the UK.

Whereas in the past people had to settle for having a big nose or more wrinkles than Rip Van Winkle, these are the days of the nip and tuck and anything is possible.

How we look can dramatically affect how we feel, especially in our image-focused society. Successful cosmetic surgery can boost self-confidence. Bad cosmetic surgery can be equally life-changing but for all the wrong reasons, which is why Nigel Mercer, consultant plastic surgeon and President of the BAAPS, urges people to invest in the best surgeon they can afford.

“In the current climate it is even more important that patients seeking cosmetic surgical procedures do not make decisions based solely on price,” he said.

Experts say you should consider why you are opting for surgery in the first place and what you expect it to do for you. Getting a more youthful complexion may make you feel better and give you more confidence but it’s unlikely to rescue a failing relationship or bag you your dream job. Ask yourself if your expectations are realistic.

Do your research…

The girls on the Beauty Forums on wewomen say it helps to talk to girls who have had similar operations and find out about their experiences. Get recommendations. Choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon is essential. After all, would you really want your face and future to end up in the hands of an unqualified surgeon?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) can provide you with a list of qualified surgeons in your area, (www.baaps.org.uk). And the Department of Health offer information to help people make informed choices, (go to www.dh.gov.uk and search for ‘plastic surgery’).

By Naomi Majid


Beauty Editor
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