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Two in One: Bigger Breasts From Your Unwanted Fat
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Fat grafting for bigger breasts


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The Harley Medical Group has trained two surgeons in the US and plans to have a further eight trained by the end of 2009. The Group expects to charge about £8,000 for the '2 in 1' operation and claims they have already carried out the operation successfully in the UK. The Group believes that breast enhancement through fat re-location will dominate the future cosmetic surgery market. Surgeons can remove fat from several areas of the body including tummies, thighs and bottoms.

Fat grafting is not a new procedure, but in the UK to date it has mainly been carried out on patients who have suffered from breast cancer. The procedure is currently available from Sthetix (www.sthetix.co.uk) Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Liverpool which states that it has been carrying out the operation for the last three years to correct deformities after breast surgery by injecting fat into the breast. The literature warns: "The main concern about injecting fat to the breasts is with cancer detection. Any surgery to the breast can lead to formation of lumps or calcification. Careful and regular breast examination and mammograms are needed to monitor patients".


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