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Charentelle mushroom recipe by Michel Hache


© Martine Wagner
© Martine Wagner

Ingredients (Serves 4)
- 320g charentelle mushrooms
- 100ml concentrated chicken stock
- 120g cream
- 1 good handful of mesclun
- 100g chives
- 100g chervil
- 3 small shallots
- 40ml olive oil
- 40ml red wine vinegar

Scrape and wash the mushrooms.

Starter 1: Sweat 80g of mushrooms, cover with the stock and one chopped shallot. Cook for 15 minutes, mix then leave to cool. Lightly whip the cream then add to the mixture.

Starter 2: Pour 40ml hot vinegar over 120g mushrooms and 1 chopped shallot. Leave to cool then add the chervil.

Starter 3: Sweat the rest of the mushrooms with the last chopped shallot. Mix with the mesclun and chopped chives.

Michel Hache is chef at Parisian restaurant 16 Haussmann. 
© Bernard Martinez
© Bernard Martinez

"I love charentelles because they're consistent and rubbery. They give off an apricot-like smell with a hint of peach. They have an instantly recognizable taste."


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