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Cep recipe by Medhi Corthier


© Claudio Calcagno
© Claudio Calcagno

Ingredients  (serves 4)
-    120g cep heads
-    400g cep stems
-    1 shallot
-    400ml whipping cream
-    a few sprigs of savory
-    400ml chicken stock
-    40g butter
-    1 teaspoon hazelnut oil
-    Salt and pepper

Peel the mushrooms and trim the stem to get rid of any dirt. Chop the shallots and brown them in the butter with the savory. Chop the mushrooms in two, then add and brown them.
Half cover the mushrooms with the whipping cream and chicken stock then leave to simmer for 15 minutes. Mix together, season with salt and pepper, add the hazelnut oil and serve hot.

Chef's advice:
Avoid adding salt to mushrooms before or during cooking. Always do it when the mushrooms are cooked to stop them from going soggy. Serve hot.

Mehdi Corthier runs La Brasserie du Louvre at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris. 

© Jacques Bourboulon
© Jacques Bourboulon
"Ceps are easy to cook and full of flavours. The cep often reminds me of the oak tree because of its shape and colour. Although ceps grow in the shade, you'll find that they brighten up your cooking no end!"


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