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Vegetarian BBQ ideas


Vegetarian BBQ ideas

Everyone loves BBQ season but when it comes to catering for vegetarians there are plenty of ways to make it more interesting than a grilled mushroom.

These recipe ideas and tips from top chefs should inspire you to throw the best vegetarian BBQ of all - and not a chipolata in sight.

Vegetarian BBQ © Polka Dot  - Vegetarian BBQ ideas
Vegetarian BBQ © Polka Dot

Fire up the Barbie

Before you start grilling, you need to get your BBQ at the right temperature and ensure that whatever it is you're cooking, won't stick to the grill.

TV chef Jo Pratt says: “Light the fire well in advance so the coals are glowing red and covered in a layer of white ash. This will take around ½ hour with charcoal.

"Make sure the bars on the rack are really hot to stop any food from sticking to them. It is best to lightly oil any food before placing it on the bars than oil the bars themselves." 

"And don’t be tempted to move the food around too much whilst it is cooking otherwise it could break up, stick or tear when turning, or steam and go soggy as not enough heat will be able to barbeque the food properly (you are after a slightly burned edge to the foods where they come into contact with the bars)."


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