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Bon Appatempt
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Bon Appatempt

The anti-food blog that became a hugely successful food blog, Bon Appatempt gets our vote for its irreverence, honesty and wacky creativity.

Amelia Morris’ brainchild is a true breath of fresh air in the blogosphere, full of good-natured self-deprecation but also an earnest curiosity about food. The combo makes the site a favorite for both novices and serious foods—it offers a fresh look, a fresh approach, a hilarious perspective.

Whether you’re looking to commiserate about a flopped cake or flaccid soufflé, or you want new recipes for eating out of your car’s glove compartment during your lunch break (just one example of a Bon Appe-Tip how-to video), Amelia’s blog is worth a visit.

You’ll laugh, you’ll come back, and you might even try a recipe or two.

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