Our Top 12 Favorite Food Blogs

Our top 12 favorite food blogs
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Our top 12 favorite food blogs

Whether you’re trying to decide what to make for dinner or you’re reading about food just to whet your appetite (before ordering take out!), food blogs are a wonderful way to gather around the virtual table.

We’ve compiled a list of our top ten, eleven, twelve favorites. Clearly, it was hard to choose. Happily for foodies and internet addicts, there is an ever growing number of talented food bloggers out there.

Most of these women—and one man—share bits of their lives along with recipes, blending stories with tastes in a way that hits just the right spot. Our favorite bloggers are also sources of inspiration.

They took that leap of faith to follow their passion—and their palate—and are now spending their days (a significant chunk of them, at least) doing what they love most: cooking, baking, tasting, writing. Bon appétit!

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