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Sarah Horrocks
by Sarah Horrocks Published on October 31, 2008

Smoothies are made with a base of a mix of fresh fruit and fruit juice, and so very healthy. You can do whatever you want in terms of ingredients. Let your imagination run wild with these...

What you need
Use any fruit, fresh or frozen (handy for out-of-season fruit like berries or figs). It’s best to use a blender with a bowl and blades. If you don’t have a blender, use any processor. The machine must be solid and powerful enough to be able to blend frozen fruit. A juicer is useful if you wish to make home made fruit and vegetable juice yourself. Do your homework before choosing a juicer: make sure you can juice everything you want with it and it's big enough.

Select your ingredients, put everything into your blender, whiz, pour and enjoy. If you want to change the consistency of your smoothie you can add yogourt (or milk) to thicken it or fruit juice to dilute it. There are endless smoothie recipes, some of which are healthier than others. The important thing to remember is to stick to a fresh juice base.

Vegetable smoothies
It is obviously possible to make vegetable smoothies. Try tomatoes, carrots, salt, avocado and cucumber. Don’t forget that fresh herbs bring out the flavour: basil, coriander, mint, etc. Some fruit/vegetable mixes are also delicious, such as orange/carrot and strawberry/avocado.

Milk smoothies
You can use ordinary milk, of course, but rice, oat or soy milk can be tasty alternatives. You can also use yogourt as a thickener.

Icy smoothies
You can add crushed ice to transform your smoothie into an extra-refreshing drink, or else whiz in ice cream or sorbet, which are a lot less healthy but delicious.

Sweet smoothies
Sweeten your smoothies with natural sugar such as honey and maple syrup to add extra flavour. You can also use artificial sweeteners. Don't use more than a tablespoonful for 2 smoothies.

Spicy smoothies
Use cinnamon, lemongrass and ginger in your smoothies, but in moderation so that you don’t cover up the taste of the fruit.

Health kick smoothies
For a real kick, add natural supplements like algae, ginseng and pollen. Test them out to get the quantities right.

Sprinkle your smoothies with crushed nuts, mint, basil, or garnish with a slice of lemon.

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