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Cheese and cumin canapés recipe
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Cheese and cumin canapés recipe

The Eco Warrier: how to spot him

He's a man in love with nature, big open spaces, farmers' markets and home-made fayre which enable him to eat tasty foods without feeling guilty about excessive packaging.

As he's green through and through, he doesn't like wasting things so he never has any leftovers (he makes a point of eating everything on his plate!)

He probably has his own vegetable garden but if he lives in the city, he might have invested in large tubs for his balcony so he can grow cherry tomatoes, herbs, etc.

Otherwise, he just nips down to the health shop on the corner of the street or gets a box of organic veg delivered.

What to feed the Eco Warrier

What better way to impress him than turning his leftovers into a delicious dish or making a dish that's 100% "green". That way, you can show him that you share the same ideals in the kitchen and, who knows, in life as well?

Recipe to seduce him with:
Cheese and cumin canapés

Organic cheese and herbs freshly picked from his garden/balcony, you've thought of it all!

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