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Red meat myth busting

Eating red meat in moderation is good for you

 - Red meat myth busting
Eating red meat in moderation is good for you © iStockphoto
Red meat has split the experts on whether it is healthy for you or not.  A new review suggests that a moderate intake of lean red meat helps provide essential vitamins and minerals without risking any negative health effects. The review concludes that the relationship between red meat and health is overall a positive one.

The new research, published in the March issue of the British Nutrition Foundation’s Bulletin, found that most people in the UK eat moderate amounts of red meat.  The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition is expected to make a recommendation this week that those consuming more than 70g of red meat a day should consider a reduction. However, for most people, no action is required as average red meat intakes are below this level. 

Dr Carrie Ruxton, member of the Meat Advisory Panel  says: “This review highlights that eating red meat in moderation is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. It also lays to rest many of the misconceptions about meat and health. Lean red meat is a good source of many vital nutrients and, thanks to modern farming methods, is lower than ever in saturated fat and calories, making it suitable for all the family."

Watch Dr. Carrie Ruxton here busting common red meat myths:



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