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Which wine to serve, dessert wine

Which wine to serve, dessert wine

How to choose
Desserts can be tricky: the subtle sweetness of many puddings makes them hard to match with the right vino. 

We recommend French Banyuls, Rivesaltes or other mature sweet wines with dried fruit notes or spicy aromas with your chocolate, almond, coffee or vanilla desserts. Champagne and sparkling wines go better with apéritif than they do with dessert, though sparkling wine can work with a fruit salad. 

Classic combinations
> Chocolate cake, pudding or log: go for a natural sweet red such as port, Banyuls or Rivesaltes. Rivesaltes has notes of red berry that are delicious with chocolate. 

> Lemon meringue pie: lemon is notoriously tough to match with wine! Go with a naturally-scented, sweet mineral wine such as Muscat, which usually contains notes of lemon. 

> Apple pie and traditional puddings: Muscat is your best bet, but Gewurztraminer can be a handy alternative with apple desserts. Sweet but acidic wines such as Riesling compliment traditional British bread and butter or sponge puddings, crumbles and the like, while sherry is a classic with trifle or Christmas pudding. 

Basic guidelines
Serve wine that contains notes of any fruit in your desserts. Many berry desserts call for a red such as Rivesaltes, while coconut goes well with an amber Rivesaltes or white Arbois. Arbois also goes well with citrus fruit and nutty desserts (though Muscat is an obvious choice with lemon).


Sarah Horrocks
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