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Mathcing food and wine, wine for main course

Mathcing food and wine, wine for main course

Choose well and you won't lose the flavour of the wine or the food.

Roast turkey and stuffing is a Christmas classic. Australian Shiraz or New World Merlots serve the purpose well, as do French Chinon or Mercurey.

Roast chicken goes with quality red or white like Chianti, Merlot, Chardonnay, Beaujolais, Medoc or Riesling. 

Fish Fresh white like Chablis or Riesling with oily fish, and crisp wines such as New World Sauvignon with grilled fish. You can even choose light reds like Sancerre or rosé from Alsace. 

Duck calls for red. Make sure you match it with your sauce! Spanish can work well: look for wines from grenache, mourvèdre or carignane grapes. With green pepper sauce, try French Pomerol or a good Bergerac. 

Beef Quality mature reds from all over the world harmonize well with beef. Australian, Italian and South American reds, Bordeaux or Rhone wines are top choices. 

Lamb Again, New World and European reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserva, Rioja and Burgundy will do the trick. 

Pheasant goes well with tannic red such as Mercurey or Pommard. If you're seeking something a little more original, try a Banyuls. 


Sarah Horrocks
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