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Cooking with mango
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Nutritional information and health benefits of mango

Nutritional information and health benefits of mango

Containing a mere 56-65 calories per 100g and 83% water, mangoes are very low in calories. They are rich in minerals and trace elements, though: they're a great source of potassium (145-150 mg per 100g), which stabilizes blood pressure and makes up for excess sodium, and they're also rich in iron (1-1.2 mg per 100g) and copper. 

Mangoes are also rich in calcium (20-22 mg per 100g), magnesium (8-9 mg per 100g), phosphorus (22-25 mg) and fibre (1-2.3g), which is great for your intestines. They're high in carotin, which is good for your vision and skin.  

Mangoes contain 22-100 mg bug-fighting Vitamin C per 100g, and also contain Vitamin E which reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular illness. Add Vitamin A, which is essential for the normal development of tissue, and you have an excellent excuse to treat yourself to some mango cuisine! 


Sarah Horrocks
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