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Cooking with mango
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All about the mango

All about the mango

Mangoes originated in India. They've been grown for around 6000 years, but for a long time were only found in Asia. In the 18th century, mangoes came to Brazil via Portuguese exporters and gradually spread throughout the world. Today India, Mexico, Pakistan and Thailand are the largest mango-growers in the world.   

Mangoes are slightly flat ovals. Their skin is smooth and fresh to the touch, and either green, orange or reddish in colour. The skin peels off ripe fruit easily and the flesh is orange-yellow or golden yellow, bright and juicy, with a sweet, fine, complex and long-lasting taste. There are over 300 existing varieties of mango.   

You can eat mango raw or use it as a fruit or vegetable in cooking. Ripe mangoes are delicious with poultry, fish, in salads and desserts. Just remember not to refrigerate them, because they go bad in temperatures lower than 8°C.


Sarah Horrocks
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