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How to make perfect pancakes | making perfect pancakes

by the editorial team Published on March 4, 2011

Want to know how to make perfect pancakes for Pancake Day - or just because you fancy them?

Making perfect pancakes isn't always easy. So we're sharing some top tips for pancake perfection...

Different types of pancake

Oh, you thought there was just one? Oh, no, no. If you want to know how to make perfect pancakes then it really depends on what sort you want...

Choose between:

    • British pancakes
    • American pancakes
    • French crepes
    • French gallettes
    • Dutch pancakes

    Make a light pancake batter

    To make perfect pancake batter for British, French crepe or Dutch style pancakes you'll need to make the liquid element lighter.

    Do this by using less milk and topping it up to the required amount with sparkling water. Normally around 1 part water to 2 parts milk will do the trick.

    If cooking savoury pancakes then supplement the water for beer - honestly! Not lager though, it has to be good quality ale. Leave the batter overnight and they'll be even nicer.

    Making perfect pancakes - don't have lumps

    Lumpy batter doesn't make for great pancake success. When making perfect pancakes you'll need to make sure your batter is smooth and silky - no matter what sort you're making. Perfect pancake batter can be easily done in a food processor or with an electric whisk but if you don't have either, don't despair!

    Make a roux with the flour and egg and then slowly add the liquid bit by tiny bit, all the time stirring the mix with a wooden spoon to combine. Taking the time to do this slowly makes for wonderful pancake batter!

    Making perfect pancakes is hot work

    You don't want your pancake to burn but at the same time the pan has got to be hot enough to start the cooking instantly!

    Get your frying pan or griddle very hot over high heat and then put it down to medium as you start to make your perfect pancakes.

    If it's hot enough, the batter should set and small bubbles will appear on the surface. When you flip your pancake the underside will be golden rather than charred.

    How to flip pancakes

    Flipping pancakes take practice.

    Start by using a spatula or fish slice to loosen the pancake from the surface of the pan - this becomes easier as the pancake cooks but if it's sticking you didn't have enough oil, butter or fat in the pan. Ditch this one and try again!

    When you've got the pancake loose you should be able to easily flip it using a spatula.

    Once you've got the hang of this you can progress to lightly shaking the pan to loosen the pancake and then with a small flip and tilt of the wrist from left to right (or reverse if a leftie) you should be able to get the pancake over in one smooth motion - practice makes perfect.

    Gotta keep 'em separated

    With British, French crepe, galette or Dutch pancakes, if you're stacking them you risk them sticking together. Separate them out with a square of greaseproof paper or baking sheet. This is especially important if you want to freeze them.

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