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Freezer meals using frozen vegetables
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Frozen veg: the answer to lazy cooking days


© Interprofession des légumes en conserve et surgelés
© Interprofession des légumes en conserve et surgelés
Frozen veg contains more vitamins than fresh!
A maximum of 5 hours elapses between picking and packaging. When you buy fresh veg from the market it certainly is fresh, but it loses half of its vitamins if you don’t eat it within 24 hours. To get the most out of your veg, you need to eat it straight away or very shortly after it has been picked...and it’s impossible to know how fresh something is unless you’ve grown it yourself!

Frozen veg actually contains more vitamins and minerals than the veg you buy fresh from the market on a Saturday and keep in the fridge until mid-week.

What’s more, frozen vegetables ‘grow’ all year round, so you can use them to make a ratatouille in mid-winter without spending a fortune on veg that's been imported from sunnier climes. Start checking the labels to find out where your veg has come from!

Never break the cold chain to preserve all the goodness in frozen vegetables before you cook them.

Home freezing and deep freezing: what’s the difference?

Deep freezing is an industrial process which reduces the temperature of the food extremely fast (in a matter of minutes) which doesn’t alter vegetables and preserves their nutritional value.

Home freezing is a relatively slower process: it takes an average of 24 hours for food to freeze completely in an ordinary freezer. The formation of large ice crystals makes plant cells expand and rupture. This can change the consistency and nutritional value of the food. Make sure food is as dry as possible when you freeze it.


Sarah Horrocks
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