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Cooking with oysters: how to prepare and cook oysters, plus recipes

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 - Cooking with oysters: how to prepare and cook oysters, plus recipes
The Romans loved them, the French still do, and they're the ultimate in posh nosh. They also happen to be really versatile and really good for you, so why not treat yourselves to some oyster cuisine? 

Oysters are eaten raw for their fresh, delicate taste, or half-cooked in fritters, soups or pies. They always retain their refined, salty taste of the sea.

Oysters are often reserved for special occasions: on the Continent, for example, they're often eaten on Christmas Eve along with snails and foie gras.

Read the nutritional information and find out why oysters are good for you, then try your hand at cooking them. Check out our variety of original and delicious recipes for all the family.



Sarah Horrocks
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