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Should I have a baby? Quiz: Am I ready to have a baby?

Profile: You're more than ready to be a mum


Your state of mind
Having a child has become your goal in life: you've arrived at a point where it's your n° 1 priority and nothing else matters.

You go all gooey when you see a baby, you already know the best maternity clinics in your area, and you know all there is to know about pregnancy.
What's holding you back?
Nothing's holding you back! Your relationship is stable and full of plans for the future.

You're both prepared to become parents and have already started talking about it with family and friends... they're all waiting for you to make the big announcement!

You feel comfortable in light of the responsibilities that you'll be taking on.

Your strong points
"You're organized and calm. You don't get worked up by this major new project in your life." You're in good physical, material and financial condition.

Your lifestyle is steady and you wouldn't have to give anything up through becoming a mum. Quite the opposite: you already have a similar lifestyle to families you know.

You're just waiting for one thing and one thing only: that the adventures of motherhood begin!

Questions to ask yourself:
"There are no more questions to ask, it's time! To make a baby, in the absolute sense, you should only take your desire for a baby into account," says Catherine Audibert.

Of course, things might be different in reality: your plans might get shaken up or postponed. But when the reality is favourable, motherhood couldn't possibly get off to a better start!

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Profiles: You're more than ready to be a mum
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