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Should I have a baby? Quiz: Am I ready to have a baby?

Profile: You're almost ready to be a mum


Your state of mind
Your relationship is stable, your lifestyle is compatible with parenthood, you're the right age, you and your partner have already discussed babies and you seem to be in agreement on the subject.

What's holding you back?
"Everything seems to have come together to create the perfect conditions for having a baby. All that's missing is a trigger!" analyses Catherine Audibert.

The trigger in question could be an unconscious absence of the desire to have a child.

You might consciously want a child, and nobody can say otherwise, because everything seems to be in place.

But something is holding you back and putting up a barrier to your desire to be pregnant.

Why is that so?
Several reasons could be behind this, for example: perhaps you're just reaching a exciting point in your career or you're afraid a baby would curtail your travel plans and trhere's still so many things you haven't done... Realistically are these are just your fears creating excuses?

"Understanding within your relationship and trust in your partner are probably the best foundations for dispelling fears and worries," says our expert.

Your partner's the one who can open your eyes and make you aware of your ability to become a mum. Remember that we're not born mums: we become mums!

Questions to ask yourself:
- what depiction of motherhood have the women in my family passed on to me?
- if it's not the right time now, when will it be?

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Profiles: You're ready to be a mum but somethings holding you back
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