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Money and ethics

The question of money often crops up when it comes to the great fertility debate. Should women be paid for donating their eggs to childless couples? And should surrogacy become more developed as a commercial industry as in other countries like India?

Couples seeking surrogates or donor eggs can often find themselves considering fertility treatments abroad which are often less expensive and have the benefit of less red tape.

Infertility Network UK confirmed that many couples consider travelling because they cannot get help at home, their own survey found that 76% would consider seeking treatment abroad.

However, laws are often less defined when abroad, meaning that further complications can arise.  As fertility lawyer Natalie Gamble explains, ‘going abroad for surrogacy can cause very difficult legal complications which is why UK surrogacy law so desperately needs to be reviewed.’

Until this happens the supply and demand for surrogates (and egg donors) will remain imbalanced. In terms of remuneration, only 34% of you thought that the sale of eggs should be legalized, whilst 54% disagreed, claiming that selling your eggs was unethical.

A slightly lower percentage (46%) thought that surrogacy should be paid for, as (let’s face it) pregnancy isn’t easy. Yet current UK law states that surrogate mothers are only to be paid ‘reasonable expenses’ related to the pregnancy.

With 40% of you saying that surrogacy should be voluntary this is one issue where those for and against are almost equally divided.

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