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Why can't I get pregnant?
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Uterine problems, endometriosis and fertility


The uterus or womb holds the developing embroyo. It is lined with a mucous membrane (the endometrium) that allows the fertilized embryo to attach itself to the wall of the uterus. 

What can cause problems

A uterine cyst can form in the uterus and affect the embryo's ability to embed itself in the wall. Endometriosis (inflammation caused by bits of the endometrium growing in the wrong places) can also prevent fertilization. And sometimes the uterus itself is the wrong shape and becomes incapable of hosting a pregnancy.

To check for such problems, your doctor may suggest you undergo exploratory examinations: a hysteroscopy (a thin telescope is inserted through the cervix into the uterus to check that nothing is blocked) or coelioscopy (although performed under anaesthetic, this examination is minimally invasive). Naturally, these procedures aren't as pleasant as a massage but if they can detect any problems then they're worth it. Just remember: your desire to have a baby is stronger than your fears!

> Your doctor will initially prescribe a course of medication if your problem is minor (a resorbable cyst, mild endometriosis, etc.)

> But surgery is often the key to re-starting your attempts to become pregnant.

> The final solution is to resort to assisted reproductive technology (or ART) to fertilize an embroyo with ths use of medical technology. 


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