How to boost his fertility

How to boost his fertility
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How to boost his fertility

How to boost his fertility

It’s always stressful when you are having trouble conceiving.

Most couples think they will get pregnant as soon as they start trying, but in actual fact in any one cycle there is only a 25% chance of falling pregnant.

This can be down to a whole host of factors, but sperm quality is one of the most important to take into consideration.

If you're concerned about your man's sperm count being low, try not to worry. There are several different ways in which your man can boost his fertility.

Consultant urological surgeon Stephen Gordon and cognitive hypnotherapist Russell Davis advise us on the simple lifestyle changes which every man should make.

And in addition to improving his potency, they all have the added bonus of improving his overall health and wellbeing.

So don’t despair if your man’s sperm count is low – do something about it!

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