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Early pregnancy symptoms

Bloating and weight gain


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If you've been trying to get pregnant then weight gain is probably something you've come to terms with.

If you're reading this because you think you might accidentally be pregnant then it might be more of a shock.

Though we all naturally gain a few pounds when we're due on, pregnancy weight gain is usually more significant.

You'll probably find you're hungrier than usual and although "eating for two" is a myth, it's important to eat healthily and ensure you're getting enough to support you and your bump - no matter how non-existent it might seem today.

Stave off hunger pangs and stabilize your blood sugars by eating little and often but get the right foods too!

Choose low fat proteins such as turkey and skinless chicken, high fibre whole grains (wholegrain bread and brown rice), low or non-fat diary and fruit and vegetables that are high in fibre and magnesium such as leafy greens, spinach and avocados.

Fibre will be super important to you especially as constipation is yet another symptom of early pregnancy. Eeek!

Full list of early pregnancy symptoms

Missed period Feeling pregnant Sore breasts General fatigue Dizziness or fainting
Bloating and weight gain Food cravings or aversions Frequent urination
Enhanced sense of smell
Heartburn and constipation Mood swings and irritability
Higher than normal body temperature Discharge Spotting, light bleeding (Implantation bleeding) Lower back pain


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