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Early pregnancy symptoms

Dizziness or fainting


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There's two reasons why dizziness or fainting can strike during pregnancy.

1) Your uterus swells as the baby grows inside you and this compresses the arteries running down into your legs which can cause a drop in blood pressure. This in turn makes you feel dizzy and can even cause fainting.

2) The second reason is simple blood sugar depletion. Your baby's main source of food is the sugars in your blood so if you don't keep them stable with healthy balanced snacks (think fruits, nuts and low fat dairy) then you could find yourself suddenly light-headed.

Though there's not a lot you can do to combat your uterus growing (obviously) you can make sure your blood sugar levels are kept in check by keeping healthy nibbles in your handbag and eating little and often.

You're bound to crave fast sugars like chocolate and crisps but remember your little one depends on what you're eating!! Give them the best start you can and eat healthy as much as possible.

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