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Early pregnancy symptoms

Nausea, vomiting, morning sickness


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Nausea can strike very early on in your pregnancy - as quickly as a week in! It may even lead to vomitting or the dreaded 'morning sickness.'

Often women experience nausea just after their breakfast or morning coffee. Eating or drinking on an empty stomach can cause a reaction in the early stages of pregnancy - especially as you've got so many more hormones rushing around your body.

Some doctors suggest eating smaller amounts while these symptoms persist as this can ease the nausea experienced. Milk and salty crackers are also said to help.

You may find yourself weirdly repelled by your usual breakfast or morning beverage and if this is the case then try switching to something you can stomach until the second trimester when symptoms and morning sickness usually ease off.

Full list of early pregnancy symptoms

Missed period Feeling pregnant Sore breasts General fatigue Dizziness or fainting
Bloating and weight gain Food cravings or aversions Frequent urination
Enhanced sense of smell
Heartburn and constipation Mood swings and irritability
Higher than normal body temperature Discharge Spotting, light bleeding (Implantation bleeding) Lower back pain


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