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Early pregnancy symptoms checklist


Early pregnancy symptoms - Early pregnancy symptoms checklist
Early pregnancy symptoms

Early pregnancy symptoms can be hard to spot so we're bring you our early pregnancy symptoms checklist!

Of course checking off your symptoms is not a foolproof way to tell if your pregnant so we'd suggest you get yourself a pregnancy test - there's even early pregnancy tests on the market which can detect a pregnancy up to 6 days before your first missed period and is 99% accurate.

To be absolutely sure you'll need to visit your GP and get a doctor's pregnancy test done too.

Early pregnancy symptoms

It's important to remember that early pregnancy symptoms are not always the same from one woman to the next. Early on, even your own pregnancy symptoms can vary with each new pregnancy. You may find your symptoms last longer, are more intense or happen more often than we suggest or from what you've experienced previously.

Our early pregnancy symptoms checklist is only meant as a rough guide. We'll show you what could happen during the early stages of a pregnancy that may indicate that you're indeed pregnant!

It's important to remember that symptoms experienced by pregnant women can mirror pre-menstrual symptoms! Frustrating but true.

To be sure, you must carry out a pregnancy test even if all the early pregnancy symptoms are present.

Early pregnancy symptoms can include (click for more information):

Missed period

Feeling pregnant

Nausea, vomiting, morning sickness

Sore or tender breasts

General fatigue

Dizziness or fainting

Bloating and weight gain

Food cravings or aversions

Enhanced sense of smell

Frequent urination

Heartburn and constipation

Mood swings and irritability

Higher than normal body temperature


Spotting, light bleeding (Implantation bleeding)

Lower back pain


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