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When I grow up... The career choices of today's children
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Generation Next


© DYNAMIC GRAPHIC / Jupiterimages
© DYNAMIC GRAPHIC / Jupiterimages
Whether our children’s current dreams become a reality or they go on to do something entirely different, it’s clear that escapism and imagination are alive and well in today’s youth.

Paul Moreton, Channel Head at Watch, said, “Children have such big imaginations and ambitions - although they can’t all be celebrities when they grow up can they?!

"I find it fascinating that being an astronaut is still such a popular dream 25 years on - we are clearly still reaching for the stars.”

The television series that commissioned the study, Tarrant Lets the Kids Loose, gives three to six-year-olds the chance to fulfill their greatest ambitions in the adult world.

Not playing at Old Trafford (or Conwy) or singing on the X Factor, but running a café, a radio station or hairdressers - whatever the choice, they’re put in control.

Combining hidden camera location shoots with live studio, Tarrant Lets the Kids Loose shows parents just how capable their children really are...

Tracy Williams can empathize with this “I’m still hoping Cassius will change his mind - there's time, he's only 3 - but if it turns out that he’s capable of becoming a professional footballer then perhaps he can support his mum in her old age - that'll be some consulation.”

Tarrant Lets the Kids Loose is on Watch, Sundays at 6pm


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