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When I grow up... The career choices of today's children
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The future pop princess


© GOODSHOOT / Jupiterimages
© GOODSHOOT / Jupiterimages

One mother who can relate to the survey’s findings is 28-year-old Jolene Claire Bradbury.

Her daughter Jade Marie, aged 9, has her sights firmly set on centre stage.

“Jade tells me she would like to be a famous singer like Cheryl Cole” Jolene said. “When I was her age, I wanted to be a vet and work with animals.

“I think Jade’s been influenced by television quite a bit.

"She loves Lady Gaga and the X Factor - but it’s not surprising... she’s been singing and dancing since she could talk!

“She’s got so much confidence and creative talent so I plan to encourage that in her as much as possible.

"At the same time we want her to be realistic and ensure she studies hard at other subjects too.”

Jade Bradbury wants to be a singer like Cheryl Cole
Jade Bradbury wants to be a singer like Cheryl Cole

Jade's school friends also dream of vocational careers:

“Bethany wants to be a singer like me” said Jade,

“William wants to be a boxer, Olivia wants to be an artist and Elisa wants to be a vet and a singer - if she gets through the X Factor that is!

“I think she will because she is really good and we always sing in the playground which is so much fun.

"We sing Lady Gaga or Hannah Montana songs.”


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