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15 Things Only Moms Raising Boys Will Truly Understand

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on March 5, 2015

Although not all parents have the opportunity to raise a boy, it's safe to say that there's a drastic difference between bringing up a daughter and bringing up a son, with exciting attributes on either side. And just how there are things that only women who have girls will comprehend, there are so many things only moms raising boys will understand. Either way, we have a lot to thank our mothers for.

1. The Discipline Might Be More Difficult

Learning to discipline any child is hard, regardless of the sex, but it can be especially difficult when you're raising boys. After all, "Girls' hearing is more sensitive in the frequency range critical to speech discrimination, and the verbal centers in their brains develop more quickly," according to J. Gentile Everett, the author of "The Making of a Life." So whether that means being more direct or a bit stricter, working with your sons to help them learn to be well-behaved might take more effort. Be warned.

2. You Have to Deal with the Smells

Unfortunately, this is something we'll all have to live with for the rest of our lives. Stinky feet (oh, the horror!), sweaty pits even after they discover what deodorant is, farting, and whatever other bizarre smells they bring into the house after venturing out into the world - it's awful.

3. They're Always On the Go

Chasing around babies in general can be really exhausting, but if you have a boy you'll probably want to up your cardio game. Those spirited little guys are just always on the run and if you're not quick enough, they might just get up to no good. Safety is always a concern when you're watching over a young child, so you don't want them getting away from you.

4. You're Less Protective When It Comes to Dating

Ah, dating. Mothers might secretly be mama bears when it comes to their boys but we all know that both moms and dads are way more protective over their dating daughters. I would know... and so do plenty of my girl friends. You might ask your son to keep his door open whenever girls are over (typical), but let's be real, parents are way more lax about those rules with boys. This isn't the case for all parents, but let's just say that I know plenty of boys whose parents would never check on them when they were with a girl, whereas my parents would always make it a point to check in every hour or so.

5. But You Will Show Disapproval of Certain Girls

Even though you might not concern yourself with snooping around when your son has a girl over or where/what he plans on doing when he goes out on dates, as his mom you'll always give it to him straight when his girlfriend is just no good. Many of us acknowledge the idea of our daughters one day dating "bad boys," but what about all those "bad girls" out there?!

6. Explaining Wet Dreams Is Super Awkward

Never mind the birds and the bees, discussing wet dreams must be hella awkward. Obviously many boys learn about that er... incident... in health ed but what happens when it happens before your child has the chance to learn about it at school and you're forced to explain? Also let's not even talk about what it's like on laundry day. Those poor socks.

7. Their Puberty Stage Will Be Uncomfortable But At Least Not Emotional

Although you might have to deal with the wet dreams, the sex talk (maybe), the B.O. talk and whatever else, at least you don't have to deal with the arguments, crying, and all the feels for the most part. That is, if you only have sons. Girls are typically way more emotional during puberty and you probably won't be surprised to hear that many mothers fight with their daughters during those pre-teen and teen years. Boys on the other hand? Not so much of a problem.

8. Buying Them Gifts Is Quite the Adventure

The adventure of buying gifts for a boy isn't necessarily good but it's not really bad either. Boys are pretty simple, which means that they'll truly be satisfied with whatever you get them and won't ever complain, or that finding the perfect present for them is so hard because they never give you any clues as to what they want.

9. Stocking Up on Food Will Become a Nightmare

It's no joke when people say that growing boys need their food. One son? Already overwhelming. Two? Three?! If you're not already a member of Sam's Club or Costco, you should be, because you'll be buying food in bulk until every one of your boys graduates from college.

10. Clothing Is Never a Problem

Until they get much older (and by that time they're probably buying their own clothes), boys are pretty easy to dress. If they're not wearing the dirty, already-wort shirt they just picked up from their bedroom floor before heading to school, then they're probably wearing something similar. Jeans, khakis, T-shirts, sweaters and button-ups. Is there anything else? Plus, do brothers even fight over clothing like sisters do? Probs not.

11. The House Will Never Be Quiet Again

Boys = chaos. Not always in a bad way, but they're chaos all the same.

12. You'll Probably Participate In the Roughhousing

Boys wrestle each other all the time. Whether they're doing it because they're actually fighting or just for recreational purposes, they do it at all ages. And while a common reaction might just be to ask them to stop, if you're raising all boys, there's a high chance that you probably just join in on the fun.

13. Their Safety Will Become a Major Concern

With all those aggressive tendencies, roughhousing, and willingness to take risks (sometimes really silly ones at that), you might have to keep a close eye on your son as he grows up. I'm not saying that people shouldn't take risks, but it all depends on the situation. Job hunting, finding true love, or trying out for that school sport? Totally fine. Seeing how fast your car will go on the highway or trying a potentially fatal daredevil stunt just because you want to impress your friends? No way. Though it might sound outrageous, these things happen, so always watch out for it.

14. You'll Be a Huge Sap When They Settle Down

Just like a father will probably sob when he walks his daughter down the aisle, you'll probably cry during your mother-son dance at his wedding.

15. They'll Always Be Mama's Boy

In the end however, no matter where your son or sons end up when they leave the nest for good, he/they will always come back to see you. Once a mama's boy, always a mama's boy.

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