Toy Story Cookies
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Toy Story 3: Cowboy Boot Cookies

Toy Story 3: Cowboy Boot Cookies

These cookies call for a template in lieu of a cutter. Simply print out the template at (under the “Dish” section of the Disney twenty-three page). Or you can draw a boot freehand. Be sure to include a rectangular tab at the heel for attaching a candy spur.


Batch of sugar cookie dough
Black cookie icing
Caramels (two per cookie)
Yellow M&M’s or Skittles
Toffee Pennies


1. Place the boot template atop the rolled sugar cookie dough and use a sharp knife to cut around it.
2. Transfer the dough boot to a prepared baking sheet.
3. Cut boots from the remaining dough and place them on the baking sheet at least an inch apart. Bake according to the recipe directions.
4. When the cookies have thoroughly cooled, spread icing on the heels and allow to harden.
5. Create spur straps by using a rolling pin to flatten a caramel.
6. f the caramel is too stiff to roll, microwave it for 4 to 5 seconds to soften it.
7. Use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors to cut two ½-inch-wide strips from the rolled caramel. 8. Set the vertical strap in place first, folding one end around the bottom of the boot beside the heel and sticking it to the back of the cookie with a dab of icing.
9. Trim the top of the strap level with the spur tab.
10. Now set the horizontal strap in place, wrapping the right end around the edge of the cookie and trimming the left end so that it just reaches the spur tab.
11. Use dabs of icing to hold the strap in place.
12. Next, create a pull tab for the top of the boot by flattening another caramel and cutting out a 1- by 3-inch strip with rounded corners. 13. Use a knife to score a decorative line about an inch from the edge of the tab all the way around.
14. Fold the tab over the boot top and use dabs of icing to stick the ends to the cookie.
15. For the finishing touch, use icing to stick a small yellow candy on top of the spot where the spur straps cross and a toffee penny spur atop the pull tab.

All Toy Story 3 recipes are courtesy of Disney's twenty-three magazine. Catch Toy Story 3 in cinemas now!

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