Toy Story Cookies
Toy Story: Three Eyed Alien Cookies

Toy Story: Three Eyed Alien Cookies


Batch of sugar cookie dough
200g white icing sugar
Food coloring
Giant Chocolate Buttons
Jelly sweets
Green AppleLaces
Refresher Bar (Raspberry)


1. Use a 2¼-inch oval cookie cutter or fondant cutter to cut ovals from the rolled sugar cookie dough and bake them according to the recipe directions.
2. While the cookies are cooling, prepare the aliens’ eyes.
3. In a small bowl, prepare the icing sugar so that it is a thick consistency, using the icing sugar as an adhesive, stick a chocolate smartie onto 3 giant buttons, then using a toothpick or fork, create a dot in the center of the smartie for a pupil.
4. Next, create the aliens’ antennae. Snip the Apple laces into 2-inch lengths.
5. Then using green smarties with a blob of icing sugar press sticky side down, onto the top of an Apple lace length.
6. When the cookies are cool, tint the remaining icing a shade of green that complements the green antennae.
7. Working with one cookie at a time, use a dab of icing sugar to stick the bottom of each antenna to the back.
8. Then set the cookie on a tray or another flat surface and use additional dabs of icing to stick a pair of jelly sweets to the sides of the cookie for ears. Allow the cookies to set while the icing stiffens a bit.
9. Again working with one cookie at a time, ice the top and gently press three candy eyes into the icing before it sets.
10. Then use the tip of a toothpick to draw a grin in the icing.
11. Once you’ve decorated all of the cookies, allow the icing to fully set before handling or serving them.


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