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This Mom Celebrates Her Daughters with a Powerful Photo Project

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 6, 2015

Audacity! That's what Kate Parker was able to capture in the photos she took of her daughters Ella, 9 years old, and Alice, 6. Through the lens of her camera, she encourages her daughters to eschew the stereotypes imposed on girls. This is a poignant project by a brilliant mother.

A native of Atlanta, Kate Parker is photographer, mother, and athlete. In her photographs, she prefers imperfections and errors, in short: real life. This is exactly what is reflected in her project Strong is the new pretty, which highlights the qualities of her daughters. Strong. Bold. Funny. Intrepid.

According to the photographer: “My daughters know that they are perfect. They make mistakes, they are adventurous, happy, noisy, athletic, intense, funny.”

For Kate, it is not necessary to be beautiful, perfect, or conforming to be loved. This is the message she wanted to convey to her daughters when she began to take pictures for the project. You won't see dolls or pink tutus. Rather, you see a series of energetic pictures, which showcase beautifully what it means to be a girl today. She celebrates her daughters' strengths, interests, and individuality by capturing all their emotions and moods. The message she hopes to bequeath to them is: “Be strong, be yourself, be honest, and celebrate who you are.”

Refreshing, clever, and pertinent, Kate Parker's project deserves a large audience. Here are some of the images released by the artist.

Strong is the New Pretty, by Kate Parker

© katetparkerphotography.com

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