The return of the stay at home mum
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What do men want?
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What do men want?

Whilst young women are gradually returning to traditional family values, we are expecting our partners to snap back into the bread-winning role.

So spare a thought for our men; what does the 2010 Man want? Does reverting to the 1950’s traditional family unit make him feel manlier? Or does the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner scare the living day lights out of him?

According to the Department of Work and Pensions, of those married or cohabiting with children under the age of 16, it is the fathers who have higher employment rates with 91.4 % opposed to the mothers with 71.4%.

Tom, 30, from Woking, is a full time primary school teacher. His partner, Michelle, worked as a full time teacher until they had a son 8 months ago. Tom is now the main bread-winner: ‘I think it is historically built in to women to think that they should stay at home and look after the baby and I personally think they are better at it. If I were the stay at home dad I might feel less of a man because not many blokes are seen pushing their kids around and taking them to groups.’

Whether times are changing due to social, cultural or financial reasons, the 'stay at home mum' is a trend on the rise.  And we think, whether you are a 'stay at home mum', a career mum or work part time, being a mum is the best job in the world.

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