The return of the stay at home mum
Women carry the main family responsibilities
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Women carry the main family responsibilities

Today, one in five women earn more than their partners. Figures from a government commissioned report into economic inequality published by the National Equality Panel revealed that 19% of women earn more than their partner (in the 1960’s it was only 4%), whilst 25% earn the same amount as their partner. 

Despite these figures women still seem to carry the main family responsibilities. Professor Alison Wolfe from Kings College London claimed ‘while women today are rich and poor, hunters and saboteurs, C.E.Os and bus drivers; they are still more family focused than men.’

This quote strongly reflects many of the views from Mumsnet: ‘It always makes me realize how far we have to go with regards to equality when the choice always seems to be couched in terms of the mother staying at home to look after the children.’ Another mother commented: ‘even if my husband was home whilst I jet-setted, I personally would still not want that. I go to work, I do what I have to, but my focus is my family.’

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