The return of the stay at home mum
Being a stay at home mum is a luxury
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Being a stay at home mum is a luxury

Although there seems to be a shift towards traditional values, the choice to be a 'stay at home mum' can be a luxury as it is not always a financial possibility.

Anna Lines, the Chair of campaign group Full Time Mothers claims: ‘Given the shrinking amount of funding, it becomes increasingly obvious 'high quality affordable childcare' is a contradiction in terms.
'It’s only the very well paid who can truly afford unsubsidized third party care and the more we learn about the importance of secure attachments in their infant years, the more women start to realize that there are too many aspects of motherhood that cannot conveniently be ignored or delegated.’
Alan Bright from Full Time Mothers adds: ‘There is much financial support for non-parental childcare in terms of tax credits, taxpayer-funded nurseries, etc, but none specifically for parents who want to look after their own children.’

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