The return of the stay at home mum

The return of the stay at home mum
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The return of the stay at home mum

Amelia Williams takes a look at the 2010 trend for the 'stay at home mum'.

Is it time to put on your pinny, chain yourself to the kitchen sink and prepare a G&T for your beloved, hard working husband when he gets home? According to a new trend, that could be the case.
It seems that in 2010 there is a growing phenonmeon of women returning to traditional values, swapping their careers for domestic duties.

Recent findings from leading sociologist Geoff Dench’s analysis of the annual British Social Attitudes survey revealed that this generation of women with young children, would like their husbands to be the bread-winners.
The number of mothers with children under the age of 4 who said most women want a home and children fell to 15% between 1994 and 2002. In 2006, however, that number shot up to 32% and has been on the rise since.

Dench claims that ‘young women are leading a return to more traditional values’ unlike previous generations who led the women’s movement towards financial independence.

This, however, doesn’t mean that women are transforming into 1950’s submissive, naïve Lucille Ball-esque housewives. No, this generation of yummy mummies are bright, ambitious women who have forfeited their successful careers in order to pursue an even more challenging and satisfying job as a  'stay at home mum'.

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