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Independent mum

Independent mum
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Abigail married young and fell pregnant while she was still at university. "When we split up, I was 25 and my daughter was 14 months old. I'd never really had a proper job and I had to go back and live with my parents which was complicated." When her husband wanted to give their relationship another go, Abigail gave it some thought: "I thought it was best for my daughter to be brought up by a mum and a dad, so we gave things another try. We just didn't relate to each other, it was a nightmare!"

Mother and father figure
Abigail left her husband for good and cared for Rose until she started nursery school. When the divorce came through, she took sole custody of her daughter. Her ex-husband didn't want the responsibility and only looked after her on occasional weekends. "I have to be both mum and dad to Rosie and it hasn't been easy. To get him involved more, I keep him updated on how she's growing up, but he just won't accept responsibility for his child."

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