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Dealing with an absent father

Dealing with an absent father
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Amy says being a single mum has completely changed her and made her strong: "I'm a different person. I walk with my head high. People say they don't recognize me any more compared to the person I was when I was married."

But it hasn't been easy, and the early days were the hardest: "I had to be everywhere at once: at work, there on time to pick him up from nursery, do the shopping...everything was a race against time." 

How does Amy give Arthur stability in his life? "The same nanny always looks after him when I'm at work, at the same regular time. She lives locally, so do all his friends, so there's a real neighbourhood around Arthur."

A dedicated mum
"All of my free time is dedicated to him. I've never thought about asking the nanny or his gran to have him for the weekend. It's always just the two of us."


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