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School phobia: solutions for school phobia
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Symptoms of school phobia


 - Symptoms of school phobia

What are the symptoms of school phobia?
Initially, the child refuses to go to school, claiming (falsely or not) to have stomach ache, a headache or to be feeling sick.

Then their refusal develops into reactions of anxiey that could potentially become panic attacks if you insist too much. This can lead to an array of symptoms such as crying, shaking, feeling dizzy, vomiting, eczema, headaches, etc.

These situations can arise when you're about to leave for school, or from the moment your child awakes, or even the night before. Generally when the child starts to think about school.

Their apprehension is so great that they're capable of inappropriate reactions. They might try to negotiate with you, even if they know they can't keep their word because their immediate concern is to find a suitably acceptable pretext not to go to school.
School phobia: at primary or secondary school?
It usually affects children who are starting a new school. It might be at the start of primary or secondary school, for example.

You need to keep an eye out though, because even though it's rare, some children can start very early on e.g. at the start of a new term at nursery school.


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