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Potty training | How to potty train a toddler
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Potty training advice: what not to do


- Don't try to rush your child:  if you force them into going on the potty too soon, they might end up with enuresis (bedwetting) or chronic constipation.

- Don't tell your child off: a child that refuses to go on the potty simply isn't ready to lose their status as a "baby". Explain all the advantages of being a "big girl/boy" to them rather than getting angry.

- Don't assume that they'll always go on the potty: even a child who has been going on the potty for a week or more can forget to go on the potty, especially if they're in the middle of playing their favourite game! Once again, don't tell them off.

- Don't feel guilty if your child is a late starter, which is easier said than done when faced with the pressure from school and society that seems to value parents who have been able to potty train their children from a young age. At the end of the day, your child will decide at what age they are ready, something that is backed up by the testimonies we gathered together from parents.


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