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Potty training | How to potty train a toddler
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Advice for potty training toddlers


Advice for potty training toddlers

The first thing to remember is that your child will get the hang of using the potty/toilet one day so there's no point panicking! It's important to respect their rhythm.


1. Explain
Start by explaining that everybody goes to the toilet (by showing him when you go, for example), and that it's a normal body process.

2. Create a habit
Next, sit your child on the potty with their nappy on, at specific moments in the day, in order to create a habit (before and after their afternoon nap, before having a bath, etc). And clearly explain what you expect from them.

3. Where to go
The next step is to let them get familiar with this new object. To do that, always place the potty in the same place, somewhere they can reach it e.g. in the bathroom, provided that they don't feel isolated.

4. Remove the nappy
Then, remove their nappy so they can go on the potty at specific times but also when they ask to.

5. Waste away
The first few times, they might be curious about what they've left behind in the potty.
If they want to touch it, gently explain that that's something people don't do and that it has to be flushed away. Don't make a big fuss about it being dirty or disgusting as that will only give them a negative image of what's coming out of their body.

6. Praise, praise, praise
And don't forget to let them know how pleased you are once they've been on the potty because they've also done it to make you happy.


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