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Potty training | How to potty train a toddler
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What age for potty training?


Q. What age for potty training?

A. 2 - 2½ years old.

Back in the days when washable nappies were the only options, children were toilet-trained from 16 to 18 months onwards.

These days, children are often still in nappies at the age of three, creating great anxieties when they start nursery school.

Every child has their own rhythm but pediatricians recognize that children are generally ready to start potty training by around two to two and a half years of age, when they can go up and down stairs, which signals that they are aware of their sphincter muscles and are able to control them.

They have reached sufficient physical and psychological maturity.

After this age, toilet training is linked to more comprehensive behaviour: when the child copies their parents and/or older siblings, it means they are ready.


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