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How to help an overweight child
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What not to say to an overweight child

What not to say to an overweight child
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"If you're good, you can have an ice cream."
"You're not having any pudding until you finish your sprouts."

Food should neither be a punishment nor a reward: it should be about nourishment and enjoyment. It's wrong to make children associate vegetables with punishment and high-fat, sugar-laden foods with reward. 

"Take the stairs, it'll do you good to get some exercise."
Children should exercise for fun, to de-stress and feel good, not just to lose weight. Encourage your child to think of exercise as something to enjoy rather than a punishment for eating too much. 

"You're not allowed fizzy drinks/burgers/ice cream."
Banning children from 'bad' foods only makes the forbidden foods more irresistible in their eyes. Kids should be allowed to eat junk on special occasions, in moderation, on birthdays and days out for example. The rest of the time, just don't buy junk food to avoid arguments over why your child isn't allowed them every day.   

"What do you want for your dinner?"
You decide what to feed your kids. They don't know what's best for them, so it's up to you to guide them into good eating habits. 

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