Night terrors in children: How to help your little one
Nightmares vs night terrors
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Nightmares vs night terrors

Nightmares and night terrors aren't the same thing. Night terrors are, as you can probably guess, more intense than nightmares.

Your little one will probably move around a lot, cry and maybe sit up. They might also have their eyes open even though they are still asleep. With a nightmare they are more likely to fully wake up.

"Nightmares usually occur in lighter periods of sleep, which is why the child wakes up, whereas night terrors happen during periods of deeper sleep," says Joanne.

The reason that your kid is more likely to have a night terror than you is because children get them more often, they normally grow out of them by adolescence. But night terrors also run in some families, so it might be that your little one is just more prone to them.

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