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Britain’s best for babies…

Britain’s best for babies…

•    Best Maternity hospitalGrimsby Maternity Unit, which opened in July 2004, has won an NCT award for it’s forward thinking attitude and are one of the only UK hospitals that allow Dad’s to stay with their partner and new born.

The Maternity unit at City Hospital Campus, Nottingham, has a patient hotel. Once you’ve given birth the whole family can check in and receive midwife support in those formative days.

•    Best employer – a 2007 Guardian Poll found the Public Sector to be best for fathers, offering paternity pay well above the legal minimum.

In the private sector IT and Technology is the best area to work for new parents, with BT offering dad’s a further two weeks unpaid leave on top of paternity leave on full pay, and flexible working options.

Real life

'I took five weeks off as paternity leave to be with my family'  - Read Noah Fagan's story of how he put is professional life on pause to help out with his new baby.

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